Chase Trophy Round 1

Congratulations to Sutton Coldfield CC, who on 4th September won the Round 1 match against Lichfield CC. They now proceed to Round 2, the Semifinal, against Rugeley.

Robert Ward Trophy

Entries for this competition are now CLOSED. We have a total of 11 entries this year. Details of the playing order will be circulated this week.

Robert Ward Trophy

This is the annual CDCL individual competition. If you are a member of a participating CDCL club, you can enter. Email for an entry form.

Chase Trophy 2017-18

We have five entries for the CDCL club knockout competition next season. The draw for the first round is as follows: Sutton Coldfield (H) v Lichfield (A) Rugeley BYE Tamworth BYE Brewood BYE

Entries for 2017/18 season

All clubs should notify the Records Secretary, Roy Smith, by no later than Friday 16 June of the teams they wish to enter in the 3 divisions of the league for the coming season. The Fixtures Meeting will be held at 7.30 on Tuesday 11 July at Bridgetown Social Club in Cannock. All clubs should be represented at that meeting.

2016/17 season complete

The league matches for the 2016/17 season have now all been completed and are logged into the results page above, revealing the final positions of teams in each division.

Robert Ward Plate

The Robert Ward Plate this year has been won by Jet Ajimal of Sutton Coldfield Chess Club.

Website review

Richard Smith is currently preparing a Version 2 of this website, taking into account the issues we have noted through the year. If you have suggestions for changes and improvements please let Richard know directly on

CDCL AGM and Fixtures Meeting

There is a proposal which makes it necessary for the AGM and the Fixtures Meeting to be separate. The AGM will be held on Tuesday 16 May and the Fixtures Meeting on Tuesday 11 July, both at 7.30 at Bridgetown Social Club in Cannock. Any items for inclusion on the agenda for the AGM to reach the General Secretary by Friday 14 April please.

Result entries

Just a reminder that BOTH captains need to enter their results before they will display in the results tables. Roy.

CDCL AGM and Fixtures Meeting

In 2015, we held the AGM and Fixtures Meeting on the same night, and this generally met with approval. We could not do this last year, because of proposals for changes to the divisions which needed to be considered at the AGM before clubs could enter teams in the new divisions. If any club is intending to put forward any proposal to alter the structure of the League or the divisions, please let me know by Friday 10 March. If there are no such proposals, the AGM and Fixtures Meeting will be held on the same night in late June or early July. If there are any such proposals, there will be two meetings, with the AGM in May and the Fixtures Meeting in early July. Peter Oliver Hon Sec 10 February 2017

Grading deadline 20th January

Matt Carr has issued the ECF deadline for January grading submissions - 20th Jan 2017. Captains should try to enter results for all matches before Dec 31st, if you have not yet done so. Please check my email circular of today on this topic. Roy

Submit results error fixed

The submit results button is now working again. Sorry for any inconvenience! Roy

Website outage + server error on submit results

Sorry, we had an outage over the last couple of days - fixed now. We are also picking up a new 'server error 500' on the results submission page - we are looking into that. Roy & Richard

Chase Trophy Round 2 - Final Round

The final round of the Chase Trophy 2016/17 is between Sutton Coldfield (H) and Tamworth (A).

Happy Christmas!

Season's greetings to all CDCL members and friends from Roy and Richard!

Why aren't our results showing?

At present some captains will have submitted results, but they do not display in the results pages. This is because both captains have to submit identical results before the match appears in the tables.If there is a mismatch I'll be in touch with both to clarify which is correct. This is like both captains sending me their record cards in previous years. It allows verification of the result. In the interests of getting the data into the tables promptly, Please submit results ASAP. If you have trouble logging in let me know! Roy Smith

Results page now live

Richard has now made the Results page live - click the button top right to see league tables and match results. Match details to follow soon. Roy Smith

Registration process

When you register for the site there will be a delay whilst I check your details and then activate your login. This may take a few days as I am otherwise engaged! I'll email once I've activated your account. Roy Smith

Defaulted games

Captains! A 'default' player has now been added to each club player list. For defaulted games please simply click on this default player and put the score at 0. You can enter more than one of these defaults per match if necessary.

Entering Defaulted games

Captains: At present we do not have a 'default' entry for results submission. we'll get this in place ASAP. please hold off submitting matches with a default until we get back to you.

Entering draws in results submission

Captains please note: Draws should be entered as 0.5 not 1/2

Results Submission Fixed

Richard appears to have fixed the bug; I have just successfully submitted results. Please have a go and let Richard know if there are problems ( ) . The most likely one now is that the player list for a particular cliub is incomplete. Please let me know of any missing players. Roy Smith

Captains! Issue with results submission

We are having an issue with results submission which has cropped up after we tested this during the summer. Richard is working on it and he will post an announcement when it is fixed.

Website Registration now open for Team Captains

The site is now able to take registration of team captains. Once you have registered and your account is activated I will send you instructions on using the Submit Results button. Roy Smith, Records Secretary

Chase Trophy draw for 2016-2017

The random draw for pairings in first round of the Chase Trophy, our team knockout tournament, has now been made. Rugeley (home) will be playing Sutton (away), and Tamworth (home) will be playing Brewood (away). Roy Smith Tournament Secretary

Welcome to the new CDCL Website

The new CDCL website is coming alive! League Officers can now register with the site and gain access to the Announcements page. We are currently testing results submission and once that is confirmed as working we will be asking Team Captains to register with the site. That will give them access to the results submission form. Subsequently all members of participating League Clubs will be able to register and gain access to their own fixtures, matches and results. Next developments will be the Results page, including individual match results and League Tables, and a Player Dashboard giving registered League players access to their own fixtures and results. We will keep you posted with future website developments through this page. Roy Smith, Record Secretary Rich Smith, Webmaster


Hi all.

Big changes to the site over the past few months. I've made all the static pages live (you can now click on the links at the top).

The results page is unavailable at the moment as we dont have any results yet.

I'm still working on a lot of the management side of things (e.g. where you will be able to submit your results) but its all going well and should be live on the site ready for the start of next season.

I'm on holiday as of this evening, but if you have any suggestions, comments or questions email me at rhs795(at)gmail(dot)com (replace the (at) and (dot) with @ and . respectively)

I'll get back to you as soon as I can but it'll probably be after the 1st of August.

Here is a quick overview of what I'll be working on when I come back and what features I'm going to implement. I've also put which features are (hopefully) going to be in the first release and which ones will be coming later:

  • Finish fixtures management/results submission (first release)
  • Announcement system for officers to post as I have been (first release)
  • Player, team and club level game stats/displays (first release but will be extended over time)
  • Account management at user and admin levels (first release)
  • Payment record system for the treasurer (first release)
  • Gallery section
  • Forum
  • Email notification system
  • Probably other things I've forgotten about


Welcome to the CDCL website and league management tool.

This site is currently under construction but will be live in the near future.

Please check back soon for updates and progress.

Cheers, Rich.