The Cannock & District Chess League was set up to "... promote the game of Chess within its area and to organise League Matches and competitions between the participating clubs. The Prime aim of the League will be to bring an awareness of Chess to the younger generations ...". The League also promotes opportunities for lower-graded and ungraded players of all ages to take part in competitive team and individual chess. The league season runs from September to early April, and is currently organised in 4 divisions. All divisions have 4 boards per team.

There is no promotion/relegation in the league, with participating clubs deciding each year which teams they wish to enter. Clubs may enter more than one team per division. The entry fee per team is modest (£4 in 2016/17). The League does not play adjournments. A full set of the divisional competition rules is available HERE The League has two knockout tournaments each year, the Chase Trophy for team entries, and the Robert Ward Trophy for individual players in participating clubs. There is no entry fee for these competitions.